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Online version (not included)

ZX Spectrum version

Puzzle-master "Ub" presents the official ZX Spectrum version of Andrey Shevchuk's epic online puzzler.

Undiluted for the 48k/128k Spectrum, GAS is a modern puzzle game that'll keep you hooked until you have every level beat.  It's a relentless assault on the brain, but you'll love it!

Features a fantastic AY tune on 128k machines. 

You will also be able to buy this title from, "Bumfun software."  Check 'em out!

Re-release Packed with the following goodies…

• Cassette with 2 recordings of the game (one on each side.)
• Full-colour instruction booklet.
• Collector card.
• Windows PC CDROM
• Button badge.

​All for £8.50 including UK postage.

​Or £10.50 for Europe & £12.50 International.

Title:  Game About Squares

Format:  ZX Spectrum 48/128k


​Yes, this is what you have come to see.