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2nd January 2015

Happy New Year Spec-chums!

Well, the line-up is looking good so far, with Metal Man, Future Looter and Lala on the cards, plus who knows what else?  Keep your peepers open and don't forget to check out the Facebook page.

All the best from Graz & Patti  

1st December 2014

Hello dear folks, yes the time has come at last to introduce you all to…


This gorgeous flip-screen collect-em-up and RPG is the sequel to our very first release, courtesy of the good programming team known as Lasasoft.  Thanks millions, guys!

 BR allows you to roam the village of Greenbury, gathering weapons, items, and even advice to use against the notorious wizard, who is once again causing trouble.

Embark on side-quests, defeat Balachor’s guardians, and avoid the henchmen that give chase.  Maybe then you can find a way
into the fortress and lay this wizard down once and for all!

Works on
Spectrum 48/128k

Available to pre-order NOW for £12.50 which includes UK P&P

What you get:

·  The game on cassette, recorded twice on each side 

·  8-bit audio CD

·  PC Windows data CD containing emulator files and special “Making-of” information.
·  Button badge
·  Double-sided map of Greenbury / Cover-art poster
·  The Beekeepers Journal of Local Herbs and Herblore (Illustrated booklet)
·  Instruction Booklet

Plus, for pre-ordering, you will receive another badge, only available here.

 Delivered before 25th December if you order RIGHT NOW.  :)

Choose your options below

​***LINK REMOVED - 2nd Jan 2015*** 

16th November 2014

It's update time, and as of right now, Game about Squares and Forest Raider Cherry are available to purchase.  Yey!  And there'll be more goodies like these two coming up in 2015.  Amazing!

But don't forget to check back on December the 1st for the big-reveal.  Y'gonna like it.


6th Spetember 2014

Quick update to inform you that both Sid Spanners and Zombie Calavera have sold out until further notice.  These should be back at a later date and we'll let you know as soon as that is.  Thank you lots.

1st September 2014

It's time at last, to release more games!

As of now, the following new games are available...


Big-box edition for £12.50 (UK)


Standard edition for £7.00 (UK)

And that's not all, for as promised, 

CATACOMBS OF BALACHOR has been re-released in a Standard edition for £7.00

See? We do listen!  

Stay tuned for more great games coming soon.  Metal-Man Reloaded, Lala, Game about Squares, Forest Raider Cherry... and yes, that BIG surprise we've been mentioning since day One!

Take care and chat soon,


​11th August 2014

Hold it right there, it's time for another, "Monument Micro Show!"
Yes indeed, click the link below for almost half-an-hour of bewildering mumblings and random 8-bit chat. Enjoy.

Oh, also thank you everybody for supporting Monument so far. You make it all worthwhile and we appreciate all the kind words and encouragement.

It does mean, however, that CATACOMBS OF BALACHOR has now SOLD OUT.  But worry not, for this game will be RE-RELEASED as part of our new-range.  Same game, but in a plastic case without all the extras.

6th July 2014

Greetings my splendid micro-fellows!
Just to let you know that we're still getting the new games together and hope to have 3 more out before it starts getting cold and rainy again. The authors of a very special title are eager to share their efforts with you, so I need to get my skates on. Honestly, it's an absolute mind-blower!

Also: Please take note that for a while, the free poster given away with Zombie Calavera will be of undead bad-boy, Pellejo Martinez, and not of our hero, Santos! We didn't intend this, but, well, that's the way it's turned out. Think of them as a limited-edition as the following batch will be back to Santos again. We'll let you know when that is. Thank you.

1st April 2014

​Hello you! Guess what?
​On Friday 11th, you'll finally be able to buy Zombie Calavera AND Sid Spanners!
Hurrah! Just click on the Game / Purchases tab at the top of the screen.

In the meantime, here's the start of something special... It's...


The Monument Micro Show is a light-hearted (slightly spoofy) 8-bit review program in the style of "Cybernet" meets "Me and my Micro."

It runs for well over half-an-hour and is sure to make you giggle a bit... if you like that sort of thing!

Click below to listen to the first episode:

Note:  Contains mild swearing.

MARCH 2014

Following the great reception of Catacombs of Balachor, we’re happy to say we’re on track to bring you more goodies...

​Next month brings you the long-anticipated release of Zombie Calavera and Sid Spanners – The Complete Collection.  And there’s more on the way, including a re-release of Retrowork's 128k-only shooter, Genesis - Dawn of a new Day, and a couple of rather exciting surprises.