Phaeton - the futuristic puzzler of navigational nightmares, is OUT NOW.  Programmed by Rafal Miazga, with dramatic cover art by David East, this sprawing exploration game will get your head spinning!

Along for the ride this month is a re-release of Future Looter, which is in response to quite a number of requests to re-stock the game.

Both titles are £8.50 posted to UK


Another busy month has flown by, which saw the release of Traxtor and Brunilda.  Yes, they were late due to our printers being unable to deliver what we needed, but the new company came up trumps.  Blimey, we though that Sam Mallard was popular, but within the first week of release, Brunilda smashed the record and more than two thirds of the stock had gone before we could blink.  And Traxtor wasn’t too far behind it, which makes June the best month for Monument so far since our first release in 2013.  Thank you very much to all our supporters.  And thank you also to Reidrac and Retroworks. 


What's this?  A whole month without any news?  What happened in April?

Well, we released Sam Mallard and a re-release of Forest Raider Cherry, and both games absolutely flew off the shelves.  It was so manic here, that there simply wasn't enough time to sit down at the PC and write this paragraph.  That makes Sam Mallard:  The Case of the Missing Swan, written by Ersh on World of Spectrum, the most popular Monument game yet, breaking even Cray_5s sell-out records!  And Forest Raider has done surprisingly well second time around, so thank you everyone.  You'll be happy to hear that if you didn't manage to catch them, both Sam Mallard and Forest Raider are still available, and are now on this website.  Phew! 

On top of that, there have been several set-backs this month with the new releases.  Both have had quality problems with printing, which need sorting.  It's a pain as we were all-set to be 2 weeks ahead of schedule to give us some time to work ahead on some special projects.  We're pushing on as best as we can to get the games out, but it's cutting it fine.  More news soon.


Soooo, we recently released Endless Forms Most Beautiful, plus Metal Man Reloaded DX, and both have proven extremely popular, with new supporters and our dedicated regulars making all the hard work worthwhile.  Thank you again!  With EFMB there came a competition, and while no one has won the challenge yet, I have a feeling that it won't be long before we're handing out the biscuits!  Watch this space!

This month will see a very special release of "Seto Taisho" which features an exclusive sequel.  Want to know more?  Then please feel free to download this special demo version!  I know, we're lovely!  It'll run on a 128k Speccy.


It's the grand giveaway time!  

Think we just deal in Sinclair machine goodness?  Well, okay, that's pretty much how it's been for the last 4 and a bit years, but here we offer you something a bit different ... for your 16k Commodore PET !

Monument Microgames are proud to present Shaun Bebbington of Donkeysoft's, PET Snake.  It's a spin on the classic "gobble 'n' grow" formula (we just made that term up - you can tell can't you?!) which should keep you entertained in front of your green-screen for hours!

Just click on the button to the right of this message and load into WinVice (or summink)

You're welcome.  Thank you Donkeysoft.


Dear folks ... Welcome back to Monument!

So the doors are finally open again (creeeak!) and we’re up ‘n’ running to offer you some top-notch real-media gaming fun.

There’s lots on the cards still, but now we’re able to deliver them, with much more sensible stock - so you actually get a chance to buy what you see!

We’ll be re-stocking older games, plus adding new ones bit by bit.  Check back with us each month for the latest news.


So where do we start?

Well, we currently have our latest release, “Sir Ababol” for you,
Plus a re-release of “Game about Squares”
All with great goodies and extras.



For the future?  Okay, so there’ll be…

  • Releases exclusive to Monument, including original titles, and special editions of classic games.
  • ZX81 games.
  • The Monument Membership pack.  Rewarding our most dedicated followers.
  • Games, games, games!

 We hope also to bring you brand-new software for the ZX Spectrum Next.



Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.


And if you have written a game (any format) and would like to see it given the Monument treatment, then

Email us at microgames2000@yahoo.co.uk


Thank you for supporting Monument Microgames.


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Long live Real-media gaming!

We've got tonnes of new games to release.
Please keep visiting.


Brand-new games for classical computers, namely the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, ZX81, and the ZX Spectrum NEXT.